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In A Name?

When our founders started the first commercial seaweed farm in the United States, they called the company “Ocean Approved” as a comment on seaweed’s potential for improving the future of our oceans. Ten years later, we are using this name as a seal to show that all Atlantic Sea Farms products adhere to our own strict standard of sustainability.

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The Earth

Kelp is an integral part of our healthy coastal ecosystem, and wild kelp has supplemented the diets of Maine’s coastal residents for centuries. Due to climate change, there is a limit to the amount of wild kelp that can be harvested sustainably, and due to climate change, wild beds are facing increased stress from warming waters and invasive species. By leaving the wild beds where they are and farming kelp instead, we add to the natural ecosystem, remediating excess carbon and nitrogen while taking pressure off of wild beds from human harvest. Additionally, when we grow kelp we are adding a healthful, sustainable food source that requires no arable land, irrigation, or any pesticides or herbicides. Kelp really is The Virtuous Vegetable!

The Coast

Maine’s iconic lobster is the single largest driver of our coastal economy. Without lobster, our fishing communities would have very few other wild fisheries to turn to. But while the lobster fishery is booming, we are seeing increasing variability in the fishery as the Gulf of Maine warms faster than 99% of all other bodies of water on the planet. We work with Maine fishermen to diversify their income by starting seaweed aquaculture farms. We provide technical support, lease support, and gear set-up and harvest training – as well as free seeds – to our partner farmers.

Atlantic Sea Farms Mission

We have partnered with Bigelow Laboratories, the New England Aquarium, the Island Institute, and the Woods Hole Ocean Laboratory to pursue cutting edge research on how line-grown kelp can help improve the environment. Check out our blog to learn more and for updates on this exciting research.

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